BATH DISCO - Sensory bath light show

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Sensory lighting for you bath! A must have sensory toy.

The Under Water Light show is, exactly as the name suggests, a light show that happens under water. Float the small unit in your bath or pool, switch it on, choose 1 of 5 settings and enjoy the show as red green and blue LED lights flash and fade to create stunning lighting effects all over your bath or swimming pool.

Powered by three AAA batteries (not included) the underwater light show will flash and fade for hours and hours and, thanks to its lens-like dome shape, the light is dispersed throughout the tub or pool.

Five flashing modes
1 - Sparkling lights, all colours flash quickly,
2 - Slower sparkling lights, slows things down a little,
3 - Colour morphing, each colour illuminates one by one,
4 - Constant on, all light colours shine at once,
5 - Randomly mixes the other lights displays,

* Balancing cap include
*8cm diameter 8.5cm tall
*Suitable 3yrs +


Warning - Bath light must not be submerged under water. Adult supervision advised.